Dobrilovina Monastery

The Village of Gornja Dobrilovina

Dobrilovina Monastery, with its church dedicated to Sveti Djordje (St George), is located in the village of Gornja Dobrilovina on the left bank of the River Tara near the protected primeval forest of Crna Poda (consisting of Black Pine or Pinus negra), 35km from Kolasin on the road running from Mojkovac to Zabljak. Written references to the monastery date back to 1593 and 1602, so we know that there had been an earlier church on the site.

The present church of Sveti Djordje was built in 1609, as one can find out from the inscription above the doorway to the nave. Old records reveal that the church had a single roof in 1749, as well as the fact that the Turks laid waste to it in 1799. The monastery was not restored until 1833. However, that undertaking's effects were short-lived, for the church was soon devastated again. Another reconstruction took place in 1866, when a school began to operate within the monastery. Unfortunately, the new lease of life there did not last long either; the Turks destroyed it again in 1877. The final reconstruction took place in 1905.

The interior of the church is barrel-vaulted and painted with frescoes from 1613. Due to frequent destruction of the monastery and the church itself, the old frescoes are currently in poor condition. What has been left behind testifies to the regularity of the layout. The frescoes are considered to be the work of the renowned early 17th century painter Georgije Mitrofanovic.

Of the precious Dobrilovina relics, 10 manuscripts kept in the National Library in Belgrade are the most famous.