Lake Cuisine

Wine from Crmnica valley - Vranac, a famous red wine made by Plantaze company

Skadar Lake, the largest freshwater lake in the Balkans, is home to numerous varieties of fish and fowl. Skadar Lake is most famous for carp and bleak. Carp in a pan is fried with plum, apple, quince, and red pepper. Smoked carp is especially revered for its flavour. Bleak, caught in large quantities, is often dried and prepared with salad. 

Cheese from Kuci is perfect when served with priganicas, tasty fried dough also eaten with honey or plum jam. Dried figs make for an additional treat.

The fertile Lake region includes Zeta Valley, where the majority of Montenegro's farming takes place. In the neighbouring fields is Plantaze, the regions most prosperous wine-grower. Known for both reds and whites, Plantaze is especially famous for Vranac, a dry red wine with a versatile flavour and distinct ruby colour, and Krstac, the highest quality white. Renowned for its brandies Plantaze produces: Kruna, Prvijenac and Lozova Rakija (grape brandy).

A toast of brandy is tradition in Montenegro. Each household welcomes its guests with homemade brandies and meze, an accompanying appetizer of green tomatoes and gherkins.