Mountain Cuisine

Traditional mountain cuisine in Montenegro - kacamak and kisjelo mlijeko

The northern pastures of Durmitor, Bjelasica and Sinjajevina mountains are known for the most wholesome of products. Mountain cuisine consists mainly of meat, cheese and milk dishes.

In the mountains, large kettles are hung in the hearth to stew lamb, potatoes and cabbage, for wintry weather feasts. Lamb is cooked on a spit or under sac, or boiled with sour milk.

Sac is a large metal lid under which meats or breads are placed for baking. To bake under sac the metal lid is heated by pouring hot ash and coal on its exterior. The flavours and juices are retained this way for maximum taste.

Hearty foods are the mainstay in the north. Homemade sausages are rolled with pork or beef and served with traditional kacamak, a fatty porridge made of potatoes, maize, milk fat, and cheese. Kiselo mlijeko (sour yogurt) is served as nourishing refreshment.

At Mount Lovcen, near Cetinje, there is a well-known village, Njegusi, known for its numerous delicacies: smoked ham, cheese, kastradina (dried mutton) and sausage. Prsuta is particularly well known. A smoked ham, prsuta, achieves its special taste from exposure to sea winds, firewood, and fresh mountain air.