Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

At the time we were established, in summer of 2006, we wrote our first business plan that included many analyses, and we sincerely tried to cast a glance into the future, discussing what type of company we want to be or become. Writing vision and mission statement was a part of the homework, something we ought to do. In the Balkans where all the stories tend to be epic it was hard to come up with a short statement so we had a very long list of things we believed in and tried to summarize them in the end - into our vision and mission statement.

Recently, after 10 years – we set together and went through some of these early writings – and how naïve some chapters looked like! Only one person from this initial group was present, but the two brief chapters left us with a surprising feeling that we do not need to add anything there, and that we feel that we might be closer to achieving some of the goals – and that our vision and mission are still the same – so here they are…


Montenegro Adventures is one of the leaders in tourism in Montenegro: a lasting tourism destination with growing investments in the development of responsible and sustainable tourism.  


Montenegro Adventures is dedicated to:

  • employing and training staff who care about customers and are passionate about quality and success
  • meeting and exceeding our customer needs and value-for-money offers through outstanding and personalized service
  • constant improvement of our services based on customer feedback and evaluation of their needs
  • becoming the leading agency for incoming tourism in Montenegro, by creating new products and improved services by following new trends and innovations - always in line with the needs of our customers


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